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rizaldy i. valencia

Rizaldy Isleta Valencia was born in the Philippines. Finished a Degree in Fine Arts major in Industrial Design. Found a job for Hanna-Barbera/ Fil-Cartoons Inc in Manila as an inbetweener then hired by Walt Disney Australia in 1992 as an Animator. Worked on numerous TV series, Direct to Videos and Feature films. He worked on Bambi 2 as the last project he got involved in before the studio closed down in 2006. With Over 22 years experience in animation industry, he then decided to move to concept art and character designing that also involved sculpting, another skill he honed over the years. He's been doing storyboards, animation and TV ads for various studios as freelance or full time basis. He managed to combine the Digital and Traditional styles into work which he believes is the best way to go. He still enjoys using a trusty 4B pencil with an A4 size sketchpad. He likes using Cintiq stylus with a computer where he can draw and sculpt as close to the traditional way with less mess. He never thought of what he does is considered a job, for him it is just a fun way to express his ideas and imagination...

beach - mother nature
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